Our Ethics

This traditional stone cottage has been carefully renovated, using local materials where possible, both to retain its traditional features but also to fully accommodate modern eco-friendly design principles as well as ensuring long-term sustainable use of the building. The cottage is not connected to the national grid so a number of eco-friendly design features were essential to provide the energy. These included;

  • a 3.5 kW wind turbine that provides all the electricity needed. Any surplus is dumped into a storage heater, taking away the chill on winter mornings,
  • solar hot water panels; and
  • a high-efficiency Clearview wood burning stove (made locally, near Bishop’s Castle) that uses wood from the farm and also provides hot water on not so sunny days!

Wind/Solar energy

The cottage makes use of the wind and sun for energy

The effect of these energy saving measures mean that the cottage has a massively reduced carbon output. The sourcing of local and recycled materials and products as well as the use of local craftsmen has been incorporated.  Following is a list of other eco-friendly measures that minimise energy consumption and waste.

  • Sheep’s wool insulation helps to keep the building cosy
  • Energy efficient light bulbs are used and only ‘A’ energy efficient rating appliances are provided
  • All windows are double-glazed
  • Local craftsmen, using locally sourced wood, made all of the woodwork, including floors, windows and stairs
  • Recycling bins are provided for glass, paper, plastics and cans, as well as a compost bin
  • The water butt ensures that rainwater can be used for washing wellies and watering plants
  • A control system allows the toilet to minimise water consumption
  • The kitchen worktops are made from recycled plastic cups
  • Lime plaster and breathable eco-friendly paints were used
  • Some of the food is grown in the garden and made freely available for guests.